Videos These videos will walk you through the details setting up everything you need to make LeadKit work for you.

Set Up a New Business
In this video, Monica will walk you through creating a new business, including how the information is used in a campaign.
Creating a Campaign & Testing It
In this video, Monica will walk you through creating a campaign from start to finish, including testing it as a lead.
Custom Domains
In this video, Monica will walk you through creating custom domains and subdomains and how to use them.
Connect Facebook Ads
In this video, Brandy will show you how to connect your LeadKit funnel to a Facebook Image Ad.

FAQs We have the most asked questions right here so you can get answers fast!

Of course! All your landing pages will look beautiful on any mobile device.

We do suggest that you edit your links and profile in a full browser window as the window space is limited on mobile.

Yes! We suggest that you do. You can set up a custom domain on the business settings in the second step.

No. If you have a current site on a domain, you can still use LeadKit without it affecting your current site. To do that, you'll set up a subdomain for LeadKit. Something like "" would be lovely. The above video also shows you how to set up subdomains.

Right now, LeadKit's funnels work in the United States only. However, you can use LeadKit for your US clients even if you are not in the US. We will be working to add new countries for the funnels soon!

We would love to hear what you need to make LeadKit better!

Open a ticket and give us all the juicy details!

When you create a business in LeadKit, we will automatically create a tracking number for your Leads to call.

We do this by getting a phone number as close as possible to the location of the phone number for the business. We also make sure that phone number can accept calls and send text messages.

Yes! Simply submit a ticket to the support desk with the area code you wish to change.

Not at this time. It is a feature we are working on adding.

Several things!

  1. LeadKit saves their information
  2. The Lead is shown the Thank You page with a countdown encouraging them to call within 24 hours for a bonus offer
  3. LeadKit immediately sends the Lead a text message with your custom tracking number for the business
  4. LeadKit immediately sends the Lead an email message with your custom tracking number for the business letting them know how to claim the offer
  5. After 24 hours, LeadKit sends the Lead a reminder email message with your custom tracking number for the business reminding the Lead to claim the offer quickly

It may seem like a simple call but lots is going on behind the scenes!

  1. LeadKit intercepts the call and logs it in our database
  2. LeadKit calls the business using the phone number set up in the business profile
  3. LeadKit lets the business know they've recieved a new lead from your business with a whisper: "Connecting you to a new client from YOUR BUSINESS NAME"
  4. LeadKit connects the caller to the business

Don't worry, this all happens very quickly so your Lead isn't listening to a ringing phone for long.

It's up to you! You can configure each funnel to automatically send and email to your client or you can notify them yourself.

You sure can! And they drop even if the person doesn't opt-in.

To set these up, go to the "Advanced" settings when editing a business.

None!! We built LeadKit to be a total solution.

Here's what you DON'T need:

  • You don't need an autoresponder
  • You don't need a call tracking software
  • You don't need a landing page software
  • You don't need a text messaging software

LeadKit works because our funnels are fully tested and ready to go. We would love to add your funnel if it is amazing and converts.

To have your funnel sumbitted for adding to LeadKit, open a ticket.

Include the following in your ticket:

  1. Link to the example funnel
  2. Screenshot of the email(s) sent along with the timing of the message
  3. Screenshot of the text messages(s) sent along with the timing of the message
  4. Proof of conversions (could be a video or screenshot)
  5. Screenshots of ads/incoming paths to the funnel

Currently LeadKit has 9 funnels:

  1. Bride Free Teeth Whitening
  2. Kids Free Teeth Cleaning
  3. General Free Teeth Whitening
  4. Hair Salon BOGO Mommy & Me Special
  5. Restaurant BOGO Birthday Special
  6. Plastic Surgeon Free Botox
  7. Power Washing Free Driveway Cleaning
  8. Gym/Fitness Center Free Trial
  9. Chiropractic Crossfit Massage Special

Each funnel is completely set up and done. The landing page, thank you page, follow up emails, follow up texts, and call tracking is ready to go once you create a campaign.

Aside from the few key things you enter when you setup a business, there is very little customization you can do to the funnel. These are designed to be used as is to eliminate any tech learning curves and because they are proven to work.

Billing FAQs We have the most asked questions about billing right here so you can get answers fast!

LeadKit charges $97 per month for the first 10 businesses.

If you have more than 10 businesses (go you!), LeadKit will charge $20 per month for each additional business.

For example, if you have 8 businesses in LeadKit, you will be charged $97/mo. If you have 13 businesses, you will be charged $157/mo.

Each business can have unlimited campaigns.

The charge for a new business will be immediate. It will be the pro-rated amount for the rest of the billing month.


Note: if you were on a previous billing plan, you will remain on that billing plan.

After logging into LeadKit, click your name on the top right corner. You will see an option to update your credit card.

This will take you to our billing platform so don't be alarmed if it doesn't look quite the same. We assure you it is totally safe.

You can remove a business by edititng the business and clicking the "Delete Business" button on the "Advanced" settings of the business.

Removing a business will add a credit to your account for the pro-rated amount remaining for the billing cycle.

We hate to see you go but we understand. You have two options.

  1. Remove all your businesses. This keeps your account open but without any billing so that you can come back in the future and not have to create a new account.
  2. Open a ticket with our team to fully cancel your account.

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